Q. What are the dues at Lost lake Resort and what do they cover?

A. The HOA Board strives to keep dues at the lowest rate possible, while providing a quality resort and services such as security, water, sewer, garbage, common area maintenance, employees and insurance. Dues are currently $2,760 per year.

Q. What expenses are not covered by dues?

A. Property taxes are the responsibility of the Owner and are assessed and collected by the Thurston County Treasurer. Individually metered electricity is billed at the local residential rate. Cable/satellite service and internet are provided at minimal cost. For example, owners are responsible for paying their electrical charges, propane, boat rentals, and laundry room expenses. There are currently no telephone lines to individual sites.

Q. Can I loan my property to guests or rent it?

A. Yes. Guests and renters are subject to all rules and regulations.

Q. Do site prices include park models, sheds, outdoor structures and utilities?

A. Not usually. We can provide you with information on several park model manufacturers and put you in touch with qualified contractors. Sale prices for developed or partially developed sites are individually set.

Q. Are owners allowed to re-sell their site?

A. Yes. Like any other piece of individually owned real estate, sales are subject to State laws and regulations. Additional fees may apply.

Q. Are there rules regarding the RV’s and Park Models?

A. To maintain our resort atmosphere, the CC&R’s require park models, sheds and structures to have natural cedar or hardy board siding that looks like cedar and green metal roofs. Only motorhomes, 5th wheels and trailers that appear less than 15 years old and are a minimum of 24′ are allowed. This applies to guests and renters also. No tents or tent trailers are allowed.

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